Did Somebody Steal Your Egg?

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Easter was like deja vu for me today. My 3 kids were doing the yearly ritual of looking for plastic eggs that the Easter Bunny feels necessary to leave around our house.  My youngest daughter asked me to help her look for some of these currency filled oval treats.

Since I have a good relationship with Mr. Bunny, I was able to show my little pnut some good places to look for the hidden treasures. As she racked up more and more prizes the other two kids were complaining that it “wasn’t fair” and “she stole my egg”. I laughed and reiterated that they all had the same opportunity to find the egg but only the least experienced treasure hunter sought out the help of “The Easter Egg Guru”.

Everyday Network Marketers are looking for their “eggs”, trying to drive traffic, build lists, create content, prospect, generate leads and ultimately build their team. The problem is that most do not have a plan and just start looking around without using the tools and leaders that are available to assist them.

Nobody is “stealing your egg”, we all have the same chance to get leads and build our team. There are resources and people to help you in your home business but you have to ask. Even more importantly you have to put what you are shown into action….massive action, the eggs won’t just come to you.

Hopefully you have a good system in place and utilize the tools that are available to be successful in your business. If you are struggling or looking for better results in your network marketing venture, leave your information on the right. I will give you my outline of how I generate leads and build my team without breaking the bank. Have a Successful Day.


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  1. Richie Lloyd says:

    Excellent post Dominick. All the best lessons are taught as “unforgettable” stories. I fully agree with your comments about finding leaders. The difficulty for the “newbie” is knowing who is a true leader that has walked the walked and who is simply someone purporting to be a leader by talking the talk. Happy Easter my friend.

    • Dominick says:

      Thank You Richie,

      I have been fortunate to never quit when I have faced adversity, unfortunately I know too many people
      who quit before they ever get started. I also feel that being a great leader is a little subjective.
      Leadership is not only based on the size of an organization but how you can help another person
      be better than they can imagine themselves ever being.
      You are right that some people will act as a leader but never walk the walk.

      Thanks for stopping by and Have A Great Rest of Your Easter,


  2. Hi Dominick,

    Great note of how we each have an equal chance to prosper.

    In a universe of abundance, nobody can steal anything. Impossible. There’s only unlimited supply. Realize the universe is 100% fair. You get what you give out on a vibrational level.

    Thanks for sharing Dominick and enjoy your Easter!


    • Dominick says:

      Great Points Ryan,

      I have been a big believer in getting back what you put into something.
      I think it started with sports and being told to give 100% and I was never allowed to feel sorry for myself as a youngster.
      It wasn’t till much later in life that I saw the power in positive thinking, giving before receiving and being in control my own destiny.
      I hope your enjoying your Easter and getting some quality time with your loved ones.


  3. What a great read Dominick! Love how you related the aspects of network marketing and your little girls hunting for Easter eggs. You’re so right that we all have equal opportunities to make it in this industry, but it takes action to find the answers on what’s working and what’s not. Plugging into a duplicable system that’s already in place and asking questions to the leaders who have been there and done that, is essential. Thank you for sharing and saying what needed to be said. Too many people quit before they get started, whine and blame others for them being unsuccessful when they need to hold themselves accountable.

    • Dominick says:

      Thank You,

      Once you realize that the success does not come overnight but it is built over time and sustainable, everything you
      do becomes more meaningful. Duplicable systems are so important and the leaders that we have are top notch.
      Quitters are not meant to be business owners, hopefully they enjoy time clocks. 🙂

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