What The Dallas Mavericks Taught Me About Home Business


Dallas Mavericks Business Model

The Dallas Mavericks and their star German Phenom set an example for all home business owners. They were in the NBA finals 5 years ago and lost to the Miami Heat but through consistency and hard work they achieved their ultimate goal last night.

Dirk Defies The Odds

The Miami Heat assembled a team of all-stars and were christened the champs before the first game was ever played. It would have been easy for the Mavericks to believe the hype, roll over and not attain what they set out to do. Instead Mr. Novitski spent the last 5 years toughening up, putting up great numbers and worked his butt off along with his teammates.

Home Business Success Is All About Consistency

You will succeed if you hang in the game long enough and repeat business growing activities. There will be pitfalls and times where it feels like progress is not being made but keep the wheels moving….if you don’t see a clear path you have to create your own. If you build your team of committed individuals you will come out on top.

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