Create A WordPress Header Video

Create A WordPress Header Video

I made 3 videos that will show you how to make a header for your wordpress blog. If you aren’t a programming genius then this is for you. I make it as simple and easy to duplicate so you can teach others to do the same. Enjoy and leave feedback. If you like training like this get on my list by leaving your information in the opt in form.

Customize WordPress Header pt. 1

Customize WordPress Header pt. 2

Customize WordPress Header pt.3


Check out this cool presentation


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  1. Hello Dominick,

    I saw your link to this post in Janet Garcia’s FB group about video marketing. I haven’t even looked at the videos yet, but I have given the link to my friend Neville Dinning, he’s very knowledgeable about WP, I think he would be very interested in seeing your videos. 🙂


    • Dominick says:

      Thanks Philippe,

      If you friend is a wordpress pro than this won’t be earth shattering for him. I learned from somebody how to use powerpoint to create a header and wanted to share the love. Plus it helps me refine my video creating skills. Thanks for stopping by…looking forward to talking in the future.


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