I’m A Competitor But I Hate Competition

http://www.numisone.com/zirilliI heard that network marketing has such a high failure rate because it is too competitive. If you found a unique product that everybody wants and you were the only network marketing company offering it, doesn’t that level the playing field a little? How about throwing in the fact that you would be selling something that people have been collecting for centuries, everybody wants and will last forever. Did I mention there is unlimited earning potential?

The 80/20 Rule

Ever hear of the 80/20 rule, it pretty much states that no matter where you work, 20% of people do 80% of the work. There are jobs that have the heavy hitters that carry the workload and make things happen while others just kind of get by. This usually results in a bad work environment with poor attitudes and a low employee retention rate.

60/40 Rule Is The Way To Go

Wouldn’t you like have a situation where you could contribute half and maybe sometimes a lot less of the effort and make a substantial amount of money? A good network marketing team can work like that. What if I told you that the same opportunity that has no competition only asks you just to invite people to look at an informational video and follow up with a no pressure phone call to get some feedback? If you’re prospect is interested you don’t even have to close the deal, you could have somebody more experienced take over while you listen and actually learn to close the right way. Maybe even the top earner in the company will show you how to do it. I know because it happened to me and if you are interested in seeing that video and maybe talking to the top earner in the most talked about company in the industry today. Fill in the box to your right.>>>>>>>>>>>>

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