Does Your Home Business Have Enough Enough Sex Appeal?

One of the oldest and most effective ways for companies to recruit is to be “sexier” than the others out there. Whether it is about compensation plans, the percent of commissions they offer or the biggest challenge ever.

Do you ever get “Hot and Heavy” for the next big thing?

Having a home business is very much like being in a relationship. You have to be committed, show consistent attention and try to keep the spark alive. There is no business that works without effort and attention.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, very similar to looking for your significant other. Some people like tall, short, muscles, eye color….the parameters are different for everybody. There is a reason they make chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

The answer to the question “Is Your Company Sexy Enough” is really about the people involved and if you believe that you can be passionate to share it with others. I hate to break the news to you but there are people making money in every home business opportunity that exists. The percentages and amounts are all different but somebody is making money none the less.

You Need To Be Sexy

The key is to make yourself attractive. You be the sex appeal that people want to be associated with. Make it so prospects can’t keep their hands off of you. I don’t mean by showing pictures of fancy cars or stacks of $100 bills. How about showing prospects the way to make money and promote themselves regardless of what they choose to sell.

Sound impossible? Check out the tried and true marketing system that has given me leads for my business as well as allows me to make money from people who don’t even think my primary company is sexy…they just want to have access to the generic training that I have.

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