A Roman Emperor, A Pharaoh and a Pirate walk into a Bar.

I love coins

O.K. this couldn’t happen unless we had Michael J. Fox and his Flux Capacitor Wielding DeLorean but they all had similar interests even though their geography and timelines are very different. Gold and Silver was very instrumental to their success and lack of these metals played a part in their demise.

Walk Like An Egyptian

In Egypt, gold was considered the skin of the gods. Gold was only to be worn by Kings but that privilege was eventually extended to priests and other members of the high court. Up until the middle kingdom silver was as treasured as gold but eventually the Egyptians went head over heels for the yellow metal instead.

When In Rome

Rome was believed to be dated back as far a 753 BC, The rapid growth of the empire was directly related to the increased supply of gold in their capital. Gold was the currency for large purchases while silver was used for more common everyday transactions. Gold became very abundant during the height of the Roman Empire and after the death of Augustus his likeness was on the front of gold coins. Gold was now used as common currency and not just for a show of wealth; towards the fall of the empire gold and silver were in lower supply in Rome.

Metal Heads

Spain’s journeys into the new world and exploration into new territories as well as riches from the increased gold and silver sources they uncovered. Ships filled with these Spanish treasures were often the target of pirates between Spain and Havana….I’m not talking about pretty boy Johnny Depp type pirates either. England, France and the Netherlands found that piracy was very profitable and often paid to have ships hijacked so they may also relish in these precious metals. They actually called these associates “privateers”. Once again gold and silver and more importantly the transfer of wealth associated with these metals was instrumental in the rise and fall of a union.

A Worthwhile Investment and Hobby

In today’s world gold and silver is a financial investment and also an interest to thousands of collectors who appreciate the value and look of these precious metals. The one thing that is for certain is that gold and silver has and always will have some type of value. If you would like more information on collecting gold and silver and earning an income doing so check out www.numismania.net

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