Transformers…Entrepreneurs in Disguise

Are You A Transformer?

You’ve seen body, blog and business challenges that are focused on creating changes in your results. The main goal is to create a successful outcome. It is a great motivational tool and your results end up being your best asset. Well what do you do if you just started that “challenge”?

What if you aren’t at your desired weight, income or level of success in whatever you are doing? How can you leverage that to influence people?

It’s OK to be a user

A common practice is to use examples of other people’s success. I remember as a kid Slim Fast would have the baseball manager Tommy Lasorda as their spokesperson. My grandmother (who weighed all of 90 pounds) would be amazed that he lost the 30 or so pounds and swear that it must work. She had no point of reference other than using his results (which still didn’t look all that great).


If you have tried to make money from home through affiliate marketing or MLM its not uncommon to talk about other people’s success…your up-line, the products creator or some guru. It’s effective and works well with many people. What about the people who undoubtedly are going to ask about you and what you have done?

Change Your Person

It’s great to talk about what he/she has accomplished…..Even powerful to talk about what can be accomplished if somebody decides to join you or use a certain product. Leveraging other people’s results can be powerful but lets face it,,,the amount of success one person has is really not a good barometer to gauge other people’s success.

Everybody controls their own outcome but having the ability to talk about your results can wield more power. It builds credibility but it also builds your own confidence…you are not required to discuss your success with people but it’s nice to know that you can if you want to.

I relate it to my chef career….I don’t have to tell people that I was awarded “Best Entree 2006” in Philadelphia but if I wanted to I could. It does not mean that the people I am talking with can achieve that result but it adds to my credibility and it feels nice.

What About You

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