Cedrick Harris Teaches Another Lesson

Cedrick Harris Made A Big Announcement Yesterday

If you pay even a little attention to what goes on in the network marketing world then you know who Cedrick Harris is. Cedrick Harris is a known leader in this industry, has been successful in every aspect of sales that he has been involved in. The man has dominated in mortgage sales, candy sales and Internet marketing sales.

He can close you online, offline or in the supermarket express line. He has created training materials that are in my opinion some of the most real, down to earth, no fluff references available. He has a loyal following and that is not because he is a failure…it is because he is a winner. He has partnered up with some other great leaders and created IM ToolSuite which is an Internet marketer’s and small business owner’s dream come true.

Cedrick Harris Rejects A BMW…For Now

Well enough of the resume, here is the juicy stuff. I heard the rumors a few weeks ago that Cedrick was leaving Numis Network to get involved with Visalus. This was huge because both of these companies are awesome, they have strong forward thinking leadership that have positioned their companies for long term domination. Yesterday he confirmed those rumors…this even after qualifying for a BMW from Numis Network. (he walked away from that….that is the definition of posture)

Cedrick Harris, You Love Him Or Hate Him.

I have heard people say that Cedrick Harris is an As$ho!e or that he is an inspiration . Some people took it personal and others realize that this is business and things like this happen all of the time. Here is my take on it and if you remember what network marketing is all about then you will at least understand if not agree with my point.

Cedrick Harris is a pioneer with a unique style, he has brought many new faces into this industry…not just his organization. That is what network marketing is built on but it doesn’t stop there. If you are not a scammer, spammer, fake or fraud then you know that you are here to brand yourself.

You are taught that people join you and not your business, you believe that you can build your business in any company because of who you are and not what you sell. Nike did not make Michael Jordan a great basketball player…but they did make him very rich. Take this lesson away from what Cedrick Harris did, you can choose to follow or to stay where you are and he clearly stated that if you love Numis Network…stay with them.It’s not your company that will make you acheive greatness…it is you that will make it happen.

It wasn’t a fixed rate, an exotic juice, a silver coin, new technology or not even the hottest health and wellness company going today that made Cedrick Harris. It was the determination and hard work, self development and mindset that got him to the top.

I encourage you to brand yourself, build your organization and stay committed to succeeding. Leave your information and I will show you the blueprint that the leaders use to brand themselves regardless of what company they are involved with. Leave your name and email and let’s get moving. You can be the next You.


6 Responses to Cedrick Harris Teaches Another Lesson

  1. Great objective post Dominick! The fact that you’re stating they are both great companies says a lot about your character. You could’ve bashed one of them or even Cedrick, but you chose to take the high road and even go as far as to state something very powerful…that we all have to be our unique selves and follow our own paths. If you want something bad enough, you’ll go for it and not let ANYTHING stop you, including what other people do.

    • Dominick says:

      Thanks guys, I am a big believer that network marketing has a ton of great companies…not just mine, yours, his or hers. It’s the industry that I love and the people that are in it. I also think that Cedrick is a true leader and just because we are not in the same organization doesn’t change that fact. I even agree with people who aren’t in my political party or religious affiliations. Being able to think freely is a powerful thing.

      -Thanks for your support

  2. Just echoing what B and Flea said. You did a great job with this post. Cedrick is not just a businessman, he is a business, man! We all have to make these decisions. Follow your road, you won’t go wrong. Good post. I’ll come back to visit soon.

    • Dominick says:

      Thank You LuSundra, great to have you visit. I can’t wait to check out your site. Just because you admire a leader doesn’t always mean you have to make the same decisions but it also doesn’t mean you don’t have to. Do what you feel is right and you can’t go wrong. Lots of Love for Cedrick.

  3. Tracy says:

    Hi D…great post. Love that you didn’t bash the companies too. I’m looking forward to working with Cedric in the future …he’s on my team. Great job! Tracy

    • Dominick says:

      Thanks Tracy….I can’t bash the guy when his CD’s are in my car filling me with knowledge. I’m a fan of both companies and a proponent of network marketing done the right way…regardless of what company you are in.

      Great talking to you….stop back again please. 🙂

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