Career Litmus Test

career changeHow Do You Gauge Your Career Fulfillment?

This is a very subjective question and there is no right or wrong answer. That’s good because I don’t do well on tests and I hate being wrong. I like to look at a couple of different factors to see if a career passes my own litmus test.

  1. Personal Satisfaction– Do I like what I contribute to my job and what it does for me. Employment is a give and take and if I’m not of value to my company or clients then I am not happy.
  2. Life Balance – I have a family and I enjoy time with them and also want to contribute to building my children’s core values. If I can’t, I will not be a happy camper. I know because I used to live that life. Does your current situation allow you to do what you want to do?
  3. Career Growth -Look at your boss? Do you want to be him? Do you want his job? Do you want what he has? NO,NO,NO then you gotta go. Why do you want to advance if the position you are shooting for sucks?
  4. Compensation – I didn’t want to make money #1 because I would look greedy but it is the reason we go to work and not play golf all day. Do You make enough money to do what you enjoy and secure your family’s future?
  5. Lottery Test. If you were to win the lottery tomorrow…just a small one that would give you enough money to enjoy life but still have to work, would you stay in your current job? Do you enjoy doing what you do enough to stay on board even though you could take another job for less money?

If you answered yes to all these questions then you are a very fortunate person. Please leave a comment below and share what you do so others can learn about it.

If you answered NO to some of these questions, would you be interested in seeing what has helped me answer yes to my career litmus test. If so leave your info on the right so I can get information to you immediately…for free.

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One Response to Career Litmus Test

  1. Steven Dean says:

    Yeah I don’t want to be my boss. Too stressful of a job for me. Even though it pays more it also comes with the extra baggage of stress and hours. I love the idea of having freedom to do what I please and earn how I want. I think I passed the test Dominick with flying colors. I think I’m on my way to getting a promotion perhaps. Thanks for sharing buddy.

    Steven Dean

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