What’s Your Career Budget?


If you are a fiscally responsible person you have at some point taken a pen to paper and created a financial diagnosis of your situation. It might have been as simple as total money in versus total money out or it could be a beautifully segmented pie chart with colors and figures rounded to the nearest 1/10 of a penny.

Have you ever made a career budget? I am not talking about a monetary assessment but more specifically taking inventory of the effort, resources and time investment that it will take to succeed. If you set clear goals and have an even clearer vision you can budget your home business efforts and make sure that you don’t hit entrepreneur bankruptcy. That will be the moment that you just throw up your hands and quit.

If you know exactly what you need to do, have your hopes and dreams etched into your mind and soul, nobody can foreclose on your dreams. Be your own success accountant and take control of your life and stick to the map that you have devised. If you want to learn how I Educate, Duplicate and Separate my way to success then opt in to my list and continue to follow my mlm blog.

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