Call Of Duty or Call To Action?

Hope you are having a wonderful day so far. I’m a father of three and the legal guardian of my teenage nephew as well, with half of the kids in my house being video game playing boys….I know Call of Duty all too well 🙁

I am not a video game player by any stretch of the imagination unless it is a little yellow guy eating Dots and chasing ghosts or slapping flippers to hit targets with a metallic ball. (those were references to the classics PacMan and Pinball)

I do get on the boys when the weather is great and they decide to play video games on a beautiful day rather than go outside and get some fresh air.

I also get upset when I see my team surfing the web or actually producing good content but not having an end game in site. The first question I ask is why did you make this video, blog post or awesome article that you are going to distribute all over the web?

If you don’t know…then who will?

If you have no idea what you want people to get from your communications, how in the heck can you expect them to know. Make sure you do things for a reason and then get that reason to your visitors. Here watch this….


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One Response to Call Of Duty or Call To Action?

  1. Brian Gosur says:

    Great post Dom. Good value for all to use. I appreciate your openness and honesty. Thank you

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