Do You Say Buy Before Hi?

hi before buyDo You Say Buy Before Hi?

The biggest problem facing network marketers is that they don’t try and start a conversation before they pop the big question. The art of talk is powerful and if done correctly will help you stand out from the crowd.

Even You Can Duplicate Hello

In the MLM industry it is all about duplication and you might not have the skills to duplicate somebody’s success the very first minute you start. You can put automated systems in place to help speed the process along and you can have a mentor teach you things to lead you to success. The one thing that I absolutely know you can do today, with no training is to say hello, you already were trained to do this as a child.

Never Go Into Business With Friends or Family

I remember hearing this as a youngster and something that is even more true is to never go into business with somebody who you never met or know nothing about. Network Marketing is unique because you actually want to help friends and family and hopefully sponsor them on your team. The biggest difference between an mlm and traditional start up businesses is that there is very little capital involved and ultimately you can choose the way you want to recruit and build your team. These are usually factors that could rip apart the best of buds.

Next time you write a blog post, a tweet, an article or friend request think about the tone and the message. Do you sound like a used car salesman or an old friend? Learn to change your mindset and realize that the money will come, just enjoy the people and experiences that come along the way with network marketing.

6 Responses to Do You Say Buy Before Hi?

  1. Jeremy says:

    Hey MAN great post… I Love the way you said it Most networkers never do say “hey whats up” Before “hey I got this amazing business opportunity for you lets do business together”! Haha… Especially on facebook! Good post man… I’m going to share this for you on my facebook!

    Jeremy watson
    MLM Help

    P.S. Feel Free to Check My Site And share My Stuff as well or let me know what you think… I’m always grateful for people sharing my content! I see you are one determined guy…
    P.P.S. I added you on facebook

  2. Rob Loomis says:

    You have got some good stuff.
    Isn’t it unbelievable the amount of network marketers that just don’t get it!
    Put yourself on the receiving end of it. What do you want to hear or not hear.

    Also, So true about NOT getting in business with friends or family. It will happen though. Friends and family see your success and automatically want in. The difference is, It’s there idea.

    To your success
    Rob Loomis

  3. Dominick says:

    Thanks Rob,

    Lead with yourself not your agenda. It’s frustrating with the blatant in your face selling but it makes it easier to stand out by not taking that approach.

    This is the only business where you could get involved with friends and family because you actually are only introducing them to the opportunity, they still own it and can approach their business as they wish.

    You always bring great content as well, looking forward to continue sharing and receiving knowledge with you.

  4. Steven Dean says:

    Excellent things to keep in mind. Just acting casual is the best way to start out and getting to know someone first of all. And then get down to business if you so choose. Doesn’t always have to be on the first initial meet or the second.

    It’s totally up to anyone if they do decide to build a business with friends or family in any case. They just have to know what it takes to do so.

    Steven Dean

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