numis networkI’m not sure what you were expecting from this post but when it comes to network marketing, it is the growers that will be the most successful. One of the biggest issues in recruiting for your business will be the desire to try and sign up the power hitter.

You may know somebody who has the gift of gab, is not afraid to ask anybody anything and can sell snow to an eskimo. This is great if they are actually willing to do it but more importantly can they show others how to duplicate their style. If not, there is a good chance they will see their down line get frustrated and quit. Just because you have a polished salesmanship quality, does not mean your team will too and once somebody starts to struggle the likelihood of them sticking out the opportunity will diminish.

The growers on the other hand are always willing to build their team and show their down line how to duplicate their success with simple, non-threatening strategies. People will most likely follow the path of a person who makes things look easy and user friendly. It might look cool to have all the bells and whistles but the real skill is talking to somebody, inviting them to look at your opportunity and following up. The power is in the simplicity, I don’t think I can be a major league pitcher but I know that I have the skills to be a bat boy.

I am currently reading the book Your First Year In Network Marketing and it points out some of the exact obstacles and successes you will come in contact with as you develop your business. The author emphasizes the importance of consistently growing your organization and actually getting rewarded for results. The successful leaders are always recruiting and not taking on a managerial role; you will teach but not manage your team. You should not expect your up-line to manage you either…remember duplication is the key.

In network marketing if you grow your organization you will increase your profits, anything that is not related to recruiting new team members is just busy work. You are directly compensated in correlation to your results. In a traditional job if you work really hard and exceed expectations you MIGHT get a bonus, possibly see an increase to cover cost of living and if you are really lucky you can work 60 hours a week to get some overtime.

If you remember to grow first then show you will have greater success and be able to create a team that will soon be able to duplicate your plan and this career will become one that you will thrive in. I don’t know what you were told before but if you are a grower you will be successful.



  1. Hi Dominick,

    A grower or a shower, I like it 😉

    Showers don’t have much to offer, except the offer. Growers have much to offer – their knowledge, the kindness, their understanding. You either grow or die, create or disintegrate. I know which side of the fence I’d rather be on.

    Thanks for sharing Dominick!


  2. Dominick says:

    Thank You Ryan,

    More quality contributions from you. Anybody who is familiar with your work knows that you are consistently growing through content sharing and giving value.

  3. Dominick,

    While the book you reference is fairly old, by MLM standards, the concepts and practicalities it espouses are pretty timeless. Growing a business involves being willing to put yourself out there for your team over and over again until they become successful. Thanks for such a solid article

    • Dominick says:

      Thank You Bruce,

      I actually held off buying this book for quite sometime because I thought it would be “outdated”….this is from the guy who listens to
      the music he did in high school..haha. The rules are the same just some of the ways to deliver the message might have evolved.
      Looking forward to interacting with you.

      Have A Successful Day,


  4. It’s not just in network marketing, it’s true for any business. (The only place showers seem to work is politics!)
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Dominick says:

      Thanks Roy,

      Showers in politics….there’s too many jokes in that one but you are right
      all businesses have to think about growing and evolving.
      Thanks for checking in and look forward to reading more
      from you.

      have a successful day,

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