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Godfather of Fitness

Jack LaLanne’s Business Fitness

Jack LaLanne knew business fitness and also the fitness business, the “Godfather of Fitness died yesterday at the age of 96. He was known for pumping iron but was also a master of marketing and practiced business fitness. He was known for juicers and a fitness TV show that spanned almost 35 years and also was a bodybuilder.

Business Fitness and Happiness

Jack and Elaine LaLanne were always in the spotlight and were an inseparable duo, Jack opened fitness clubs that involved women lifting weights which at the time was not common because the belief was that women would start to take on a male physique. He later sold the rights to his clubs to a company by the name of Bally Company (yes today they are Bally Fitness).

Do You Have Business Fitness

Jack exercised his body and his business everyday, he combined the things he loved to do and became successful, happy and yes very rich along the way. You should practice business fitness by feeding your brand, exercising your business by everyday being active in it. If you sit and expect things to happen your business will start to weaken and you will not be a powerful mlm leader in this industry. Jack Lalanne was an inspiration on many levels and we can learn from what he has accomplished in his personal and professional life.

You don’t have to do everything but you have to do something everyday. The more you participate the more you will grow, become confident and grow.

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2 Responses to Business Fitness

  1. Steven Dean says:

    Well Said Dominick Constant effort produce constant results. I was surprised to see Jack pass away, very tragic. Im working on my business fitness, but right now I’m working on my business mind. Guess I will have to find more time to fit both in. Good post

    Steven Dean

  2. Hi Dominick,

    I enjoy this analogy.

    Being a fitness buff in the past I appreciated Jack’s passion for exercise. When I became an online entrepreneur I admired the man’s business sense. He was a brilliant marketer. Those juicer infomercials still stick out in my mind, as does the video of him pulling something like 100 boats while swimming.

    The fact that he sold the rights to his clubs to Bally’s demonstrates the man prospered from his passions too. Quite a pretty penny there.

    You are on point in saying we need to participate in our business each day. Make connections. Add value. Spread the word about your opportunity. Persist like heck. Your business can’t grow on its own. That’s where you come in.

    Thanks for sharing your insight Dominick.


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