Is Your Business Better Than Apple?

I guess anybody would be happy to have their business model clone either of these two global companies. I read a story the other day that said Samsung is hot on the heels of Apple and for the first time in many years the #1 spot is in jeopardy.

What really caught my attention was the fact that the philosophies of these companies are almost completely opposite. Apple likes to innovate while Samsung love to duplicate. Steve Jobs said that he comes out with the next best thing because people don’t know what they want yet. Samsung believes that the market dictates what they want and when the need arises, they will be there to provide the best goods to fill that need.

Do You Imitate Or Innovate?

If you are in the home business profession, you can either create new products, systems and trainings or you can leverage the work of others. Which do you do? There is no right or wrong answer. You can be very successful using other people’s products or even their story. Affiliate marketing is big business, pushing software and eBooks have made many people a lot of money and also contributed to recruiting.

Once you build some trust and a list, it is really easy to sell your own products and essentially create a true 100 percent commission opportunity. Don’t be afraid to use other leaders to help yourself be successful, maybe create a mlm blog and bring value as well as make money.

Here’s a good system to leverage

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I hope you found this helpful and have figured out if you are more like Apple or Samsung. If you found this helpful please share with others and leave a comment below.

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