How Do You Build Your Team?

www.mlmchef.netIt’s More Than Pushing Product

If you haven’t learned from me and the hundreds of other leaders that are promoting the right way, make yourself valuable to your downline before you even have one. Give value through your blog, answering questions in forums and offering help wherever you can. If you can be there for somebody when you have nothing to gain, imagine how comfortable they will be with you when they are looking to join a team and there is money to be made.

Network Marketing DNA

When you reach out to people who are establishing themselves you are ultimately training them before they start, you are interviewing them to see if they have the marketing D.N.A. – Develop Networking Acumen. You will see if they fit your criteria and can duplicate your style. If you turn can’t help somebody until they sign on the dotted line, they will follow that blueprint and it might stop your organization from growing as fast as it should. If you provide value first and they join your team, they will do the same thing and you will duplicate your successes much faster. Attraction Marketing at it’s finest.

Set Personal and Team Goals

Network Marketing is unique, what other business can you have employees make you a boatload of cash but you don’t personally pay them wages, benefits or administration fees? The Company you represent sets goals and bonuses for everybody but you take it one step further. Set personal goals and set up little contests for your team, it’s a win/win…if they hit them they will get compensated well from the company, you will make more and you can give them a little something for leading the pack. It could be gift cards, money or some special recognition. You don’t have to break the bank but you will get your crew all working in the right direction which ultimately will make you money. 🙂

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