Jamming with Blurred Lines

Jamming with Blurred Lines

Top Billboard Artist of 2013 Robin Thicke

Check out below what he had to say about chasing his dreams and
finding his “success” after the age of 30.


This story sounds resembles quite a few that I’ve heard in this business (in my own as well), some people
are late bloomers. I think the term “growers and show’rs” could work here.

If something here clicked for you and  you think somebody might get something positive from it
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  1. Dominick, so many people succeed after many years of struggling, or trying to find their purpose, it is quite amazing. Awesome story here! I thought he was Alan’s kid but was not sure 😉

    I think about Abe Lincoln. One of the truly greatest people of all time, and he was an abject failure, and then after being true to himself despite all resistance, he went on to greatness.

    Robin went down HIS road, and now we see evidence of this with his success. I have been questioned quite a bit, but I know it’s part of the game, to being great myself.

    Thanks for sharing!


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