Benefits Of An MLM Blog

I Taught Doogie How To Blog

There are many benefits to constructing an MLM Blog and using that as a platform to convey your message. The modern blog evolved from people keeping an online diary of their everyday life experiences. I remember Doogie Howser M.D., a popular T.V. Show in the early 90’s, he would record his daily trials and tribulations as a 16 year old doctor and the opportunities and life lessons he had learned throughout the day.

His diary was not published online but every time I sit to contribute to my mlm blog I think of that boy genius pounding those keys and reading his blog back in his head. I tend do the same thing as I write my mlm blog, reading it in my head and wishing I was sixteen again. That is how the show ended every week and it built a relationship with the viewers and gave you another angle to learn and like about the freckled face lad.

A good blog should be a genuine window into the soul of the writer as opposed to a traditional corporate website that might have a what’s new section or an about us page. It can intertwine your business and personal views and if you are a focused on building genuine network marketing relationships then this is the perfect strategy. You want to create a likeability factor and attract people who have similar traits as you.

Your blog is something that should be updated frequently and that will satisfy your readers and search engines alike. While you want to be noticed by Google and the gang it is ultimately your content that will be the foundation for your following. Content is King.

If you have a mlm blog make sure you nurture it and be consistent, if you do not have one get moving and introduce yourself. I love to meet new people build mutually beneficial relationships and friendships.

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