Make Yourself Clear

I See Right Thru YouHave you ever heard people say do I make myself clear? Maybe you have said that to many people with the intent of making sure that your listener understood what you are saying. I mostly remember hearing it when I was a kid and my parents would be making sure I got the point and usually I was on the brink of a butt-whooping.

Being Clear in Your Brand

When I talk about being clear in my business, it means that I am transparent and honest. I build my brand and reputation by letting people see me for who I am and what I am about. My videos aren’t million dollar productions, my website isn’t all bells and whistles and I don’t hide how I feel. I am transparent and let the people who get to know me decide if I am somebody they want to be associated with. In my businesses I no longer chase people around, I let them decide if we should do business together but it is only fair if they know the real Dominick Zirilli.

Contradictory to what you will think, if you are honest and transparent there will be people who don’t like you and that is ok. The people who will gravitate towards you are the similar people, the ones who also are genuine and in the long run these are the best people to do business with. Attraction marketing, that’s what it comes down to, surround yourself with honest, positive people and you will be successful and happy.

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