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Gurus Promote and Average People Dominate

Stacking The Network Marketing Deck

Be more attractive than your Up-Line I know a ton of people that are concerned about the possibility of a prospect passing them over to join your upline. It is a known fact that some prospects get enamored with a big name or top earner in your business so here is a simple way toContinue Reading

Flat Tires, Blown Gaskets and Home Business

What Do Mechanics Know About Network Marketing? I did a short video explaining a lesson learned from a trip to the mechanic. Please leave a comment below if you agree or disagree and shre it if you know somebody who could benefit from this information. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook shareContinue Reading

Are You Offended By The C-Word?

Are You Offended By The C-Word? Its just a word isn’t it? I know a ton of people both male and female thatcringe when they hear it but sometimes it just has to be said. Besides anything goes on the internet right? Leave a comment below if you agree or if you are offended. ¬† Reading

Network Marketing Is Like A Girlfriend

How is network marketing like a girlfriend? I made a video going through the similarities I noticed between network marketing and a girlfriend. Its actually not gender specific, it can be a boyfriend or girlfriend. It really has more to do with how we react and handle ourselves in certain periods of our lives andContinue Reading

can you work your home business part time

Can you work your home business part time ? I get asked by people all the time “How can I possibly ever get started in home business when I barely have any time outside of my 8-6 job” Notice how I didn’t say 9-5…. there were very few people in my world that only workContinue Reading

Who peed in your Cheerios?

Who peed in your Cheerios?

Base your goals on what you need to improve upon from the previous year
(I don’t wait for chronological milestones to set goals)Continue Reading

Can You Beat The Fastest Man In The World?

Just a short video that will layout how to beat the best of the best…..
or better yet beat your best.Continue Reading

Show Interest to Grow Interest

Make a statement by showing a true interest in people and you will see the interest in your bank statement grow as well.Continue Reading

Overtime Addiction

Do you need an overtime addiction intervention? I wanted to share a quick video and talk about an epidemic of sorts that seems to be affecting more and more people. It really isn’t anything new as I remember my father being hooked on the O.T.   Leave a comment below if you agree or ifContinue Reading