Attraction Marketing And Lead Generation

Attraction Marketing Lead Generation

In every online business, lead generation can be achieved by attraction marketing, regardless of what product you are looking to sell. Attraction marketing is a philosophy based on matching the right people with the right opportunity or need. It seems like nowadays network marketers want to shove their services and products down the throats of everybody they can come in contact with, unfortunately not everybody has a need or desire for their opportunity. I’m going to admit, I used to be one of these MLM force feeders.  It reminds me of when I was the chef of a famous steak house in Philadelphia and I would create these over the top seafood specials and wonder why only 6 out of 300 people would order it. I put my time, effort and my restaurant’s money into these culinary creations and while the customers who did consume them would rave about the quality ultimately the beef was where it was at. I eventually stopped resisting the masses and put my creativity into the bread and butter of the restaurant and then saw my “conversion rate” on specials go from 2% to 13%.

In This Generation of Marketing You Have To Lead Or Get Out Of The Way

Lead Generation can be done in many different ways but the simple fact is that the heart of Attraction Marketing is still placing you in front of your leads but in a much more efficient way. The old school idea was to market to mass numbers with no specific target and canvass the largest area possible using the quantity not quality method. There are a couple things wrong with this philosophy, the first is that you are selling your product when you should be selling yourself and the next is that it can be expensive to target everybody. If you can focus your marketing strategy and that includes your marketing dollars you will have a better chance of making it in your MLM business…running out of money and not having enough leads are the main killers for most new network marketing entrepreneurs.

Plant The Seeds And The Tree Will Grow

With the age of the internet you are now able to reach a large group of people but more importantly reach the right group of people. Attraction Marketing starts with promoting YOU the person as an expert and a resource for other people who have a need that you can fill. I was a chef in a restaurant so I was not going to place an ad in the dental directory; I knew I had to target the right audience. I did not understand this when I started in Network Marketing, I was so proud of my product and I still am but I forgot to market the product that only I have…ME. You might be tempted to buy leads, take short cuts or maybe you have a ton of money for pay-per-click advertising but if you don’t focus on the people who want what you got then you will become broke very fast. Think of the long term and lay the groundwork now, let people get to know you and who you are and build a relationship that might not translate into a sale today but could be a lifetime of leads to secure your future.

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  1. Thanks for an idea, you sparked at thought from a angle I hadn’t given thoguht to yet. Now lets see if I can do something with it.

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