Attack of The Time Vampires

mlm blogDo you wake up every morning with specific goals in mind and a plan that the A-Team would be jealous of but at the end of the day realize that you accomplished very little of what you wanted to achieve?

If this sounds like you it might not be your fault.There is a phenomenon that is attacking MLM businesses and it is called the time vampires.

They will not respond to garlic or silver bullets (I love Silver), daylight is not their Kryptonite. The only thing that can fend off these enemies of success is focus. You have to have a game plan, commitment  and focus. Here is a list of vampires that disguise themselves as our friends:

  • Internet
  • Cell Phones
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Food
  • The UPS Guy
  • The Wind

Anything that can derail you from completing your goals is a time vampire…it will suck your productivity from your day. I try to seclude myself from the world when I am building my business. It might mean working when everybody is sleeping and using a pen and paper with no other distractions around.

The internet is a great resource but it is too easy to get distracted by friend requests, emails and TMZ Gossip. If you get the hard work done without distractions you can utilize the internet to share the content quickly. Give it a try and you can save yourself at least a half hour a day. Let me know how things work out for you by leaving a comment below and come back to my mlm blog often for more tips.

Have a productive day.


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