Are You Special

Despite What Your Mother Told You….You’re Not That Special

I’m not trying to make you feel rotten to start the New Year. I’m definitely not calling your mother a liar but she probably was just trying to make you feel important.

Do you think that your life and situation is totally unique and doesn’t mirror many other people in this world? If this were the case then Psychology would not exist. It is through human commonalities that we are able to have self development and growth. People come together because of their similarities and often seek out others to share their interests.

Group therapy, church, social networking, AA meetings, Bloods and Crips all have different agendas but have one thing in common. They gravitate towards similar people.

What does this mean for your home business

There are other people who are in the same situation that you were when you were introduced to network marketing.

  • If you think back you probably weren’t advertising that you wanted help or a change in your life.
  • Chances are you didn’t ask people for a way to generate income that would not affect what you were currently doing.
  • You might not have ever heard of residual income

We were introduced to this industry by somebody who just thought enough to share an idea. It might have been because they really needed to recruit somebody or they thought you would make a good partner. It could possibly be that they just got busy and talked to everybody they knew without pre-judging  their prospects.

I guarantee that your sponsor got more no’s than yes’s and that they probably got a yes from somebody who once said no. You need the right prospect at the right time with the right opportunity. So stop thinking you are so different from everybody else and start focusing on the similarities in other people.

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