Are You Practicing Inverted Marketing?

Do you practice Inverted Marketing?

If you have been in the home business arena for any amount of time you most likely focus on promoting, recruiting, duplicating and repeating.

Hopefully you are really good at this and it goes off without a hitch. We know that the majority of the people who are in network marketing aren’t able to get all of these pieces together and more importantly lose money every month because they can’t make enough to even pay for their autoship…let alone advertising, websites and technology.

You may love the company you are with and your upline is persistant with you bringing in fresh blood but how can you survive if you don’t have viable options to talk to? How about inverted marketing? Instead of looking outside your organization to grow your downline, how about talking to people inside the company? I’m not talking about cross recruiting into another company.

If the percentages say that 97% are struggling or failing, that means most of the people around you (regardless of what they say) would welcome some help. If you become a problem solver you instantly have credibility and the relationship can grow for future opportunities.

Most successful network marketers get involved with affiliate and JV marketing so don’t think that there is no way to financially benefit from somebody not in your downline. You are always on syage and people are always watching you, so bring value to everybody you can.

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