The Human Algorithm

Human Algorithm

If you pay attention to Google’s pandas, penguins and other zoological creatures you’ve probably heard the A-word getting thrown around. Every guru is talking about an algorithm and the effect that these animals have had on them.

I have seen some people panic at the sheer mention of these words but before you give up on your quest for Google love…lets look things over.

What is an algorithm?

In order for people to care about this fancy word, I think we should know what the heck it is. Here it is “an algorithm is an effective method expressed as a finite list of well-defined instructions for calculating a function”.

I hope you didn’t fall asleep from that definition and more importantly didn’t leave my blog with no intention of ever coming back. I’m not a technical guy…I’m actually not a very book smart guy either so I simplified it for myself. I am a chef so I figured it as a list of ingredients (a complicated one) that must be followed in order to get specific recipe.

Colonel Sanders’ algorithm consisted of a precise method that included specific size chicken parts, oil temperature, milk/egg bath, oil to chicken ration, cooking pressure and of course the infamous 11 herbs and spices to name a few.

KFC has a billion dollar brand that has carried on way past the Colonel’s death in 1980 and it was from using that consistent algorithm (recipe) to give people what they want.

What’s Your Inner Algorithm?

The recipe for success with most people is usually the same.

  • People are creatures of habit and we like to be consistently exposed to things. Influence is created by patterns of exposure….the song “I’m Sexy And I Know It” plays over and over in my head….not because I like it but because I hear it in a commercial about ten times a day.
  • People want to be around things they like and this doesn’t happen by accident. Twitter Feeds, FB Likes and Google keep track of what you want and give it to you all day long. Don’t believe me look on your Gmail page and you will see ads on top and it will even tell you why they selected those ads for you.
  • Results….you have to provide your target market with solutions to their problems. Just being in front of people isn’t enough, it takes the right message at the right time to the right people in order to be effective.

The Human Algorithm will always supersede what online animal updates from Google dictate. Keep your message and interactions frequent, informative and congruent while utilizing diverse forms of communication.

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