Add Video To WP Blog

Add Video To WP Blog

Why add video to WP blog?

One of the most powerful means of communication between a business and their audience is a blog. It can be used a a constantly updated information source that will keep current and future customers aware of all things related to your business. Businesses often add video to wp blog because it is free and another dimension to an already powerful platform.

If you have already set up your blog then you are familiar with the basic advantages and features that it has but are you aware of the extra punch that happens when you add video to wp blog? There are many factors that the search engines use to see how relevant that your website is which in turn makes your website get found much easier.

Add Video to WP Blog To Buy Time

It may sound funny but Google isn’t satisfied with just getting sheer numbers to visit your website. Google wants to see that you are bringing the goods. That means content, value and visitor interaction. Google will refer your site as a quality place for people to visit if you hit the key factors that they have deemed as important.

When you add video to wp blog it keeps the viewer on the page longer and google loves to see people are staying on your site for extended periods of time. If folks keep bailing out after only a few seconds search engines feel like you didn’t give the visitor what they were looking for and they clicked out. If you can keep them there for a minute or two there will be some search engine love coming your way.

What Else Happens When You Add Video To WP Blog

Do you like juice? I’m not talking about orange, apple or grapefruit. How about some link juice? Since YouTube is the 3rd most popular site on the internet don’t you think that it would help you to get a link back to your content from them? Plus the traffic is there so why not take advantage of all those people checking out videos.

If you are optimized and have clickable links back to your site, there is a lot of extra traffic that will come your way. If you aren’t real sure about the best way to get your videos ranking on YouTube click here. Leverage the authority, exposure and the marketing that Youtube provides.


Is it hard to add video to wp blog?

This is a common question and in reality, there is nothing hard about video marketing once you understand the process. The least difficult thing will be getting it uploaded to your site. If you have it stored on the web somewhere all you will need is a few steps to get it embedded on your virtual real estate.

In order to add video to wp blog all that needs to be done is grabbing the embed code from wherever it is hosted (yes there is more than one place. YouTube  Viddler, Vimeo are just a few but they all offer a simple code that goes into your page and VOILA! You’ve Got Video.

Another great benefit is that people respond to different things. Some people love reading, others listening and still others need video. Having all of these bases covered on your blog just makes sense.

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