Sustainable Network Marketing

Sustainable Marketing

What Brings You Here?

Welcome to my mlm blog. You are here because either you personally know me and wanted to catch up, you are interested in network marketing and how to get involved or you are currently in network marketing and you are looking to be more successful. My mlm blog can help you with any or all of these scenarios.

Sustainable Network Marketing

This MLM blog is about sustainable network marketing. What good is a company, organization, individual or industry if it has a very short shelf life? The focus here is bringing old school methods and the latest techniques together without compromising the integrity of this $100 billion dollar industry that spans the entire globe. This is a business that is recession resilient and caters to most any interest including health, beauty, gold and silver collectible coins, insurance and training to name just a few. It has a long history and a very bright future but has been maligned with pyramid and Ponzi schemes as well as its share of shady opportunists. I run my mlm blog with the intent to bring out the best in the business and leave the questionable opportunities by the wayside and will also manage this website the same way.

What Does Dominick Zirilli Know About Sustainability?

I have recently hung up my Chef Coat to dive in full time into the Network Marketing Arena. The restaurant industry has been involved with sustainable food for many years and I personally have worked with farmers and manufacturers for a decade to preserve our culinary resources. My mlm blog is not here to knock down the companies that I am not a fan of but rather promote the ones that are encouraging sustainable network marketing practices and keeping our industry focused on the values that have created wealth for more individuals since the industrial revolution.

How Is This MLM Blog Is Set Up?

My MLM Blog is not here be to beat you over the head with my primary business, it is in place to provide content, value, build a relationship and offer an opportunity to join my team if there is a match. I promote myself to you first; my primary business will come later and I suggest you adopt the same philosophy. Network Marketing is like a romance, we have to court each other, see how compatible we are then we can complicate things but in the beginning we just let it all hang out and have a good time.  There are other tools and links throughout so come back often and participate with your peers. It’s called Network Marketing not Network Looking.