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Who Is Dominick Zirilli and Why Is He An MLM Leader?

I did not envision that I would ever become an mlm leader. I am a culinary school graduate and an accomplished chef in the Philadelphia area who also owns a personal chef company The People’s Chef.

If I Am An Accomplished Chef Then Why Become An MLM Leader?

Like most industries in the country, the hospitality sector took a huge hit during our economic down turn. I worked as a chef in a luxury hotel and as travel slowed down so did our hotel occupancy. I did not look to become an mlm leader at that point but decided to start a personal chef business, I wanted to be my own boss but found out that only the rich people had expendable income.

An MLM Leader In The Making?

I was still working 80+ hours in the kitchen and in my spare time trying to find ways to generate clients and revenue for my personal chef business. An mlm leader will tell you that you have to leverage your time and the internet to be successful but in the restaurant business Friday and Saturday is when everybody wants a chef….and guess what my full time job wasn’t giving me off so I could grow my personal chef business.

Does An MLM Leader Need A Degree or Strong Business Bloodline?

Here’s where you get to know the real me, to be an mlm leader you must be transparent and lay your cards on the table.

  • I am a product of the 50% divorce rate in America, we were poor but not the poorest and there were alcohol issues within my household
  • I did not adjust well in social settings and it showed in my academics. I did four years of high school but that was 9th and 10th grades each repeated a second time. Does this sound like am mlm leader to you?

Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover…Especially in a Down Economy

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1/3 of The Reasons I Won't Fail

  • I worked at 2 of the best hotels in Philadelphia and thrived in the local culinary scene very quickly. I started to earn a decent salary and reputation fairly quickly.
  • In 2006 I was awarded best entrée in Philadelphia going against the top restaurants in the area …It’s amazing how you can thrive at something if you love it.
  • I got married and accumulated 3 kids along the way but still not an mlm leader.

Things Start To Fall Apart…Literally

If I had an mlm leader show me some tricks a few years ago I would be in much better shape now. The perfect storm of a an A.R.M. mortgage, salary reduction and a money losing chef business put me in a bad place. I was working 14 hours a day, running my business and picked up an early morning job delivering newspapers. How could I ever be an mlm leader when I couldn’t lead my own household? I nearly lost my family.

Time For A Change

The desire to become an mlm leader didn’t happen until the summer 0f 2010, I had been introduced to a nutritional product by an mlm leader and I really enjoyed the product. I did not even think about the business model at first but after I saw  that I could actually receive my product for free by promoting it, my eyes lit up. It was then that I had to learn how to be an mlm leader.

I’m In Business…I Think

I was able to promote my product to a few people very quickly but I never had an mlm leader explain to me that promoting my product would not make me successful, I needed to promote myself and my ability to solve other people’s problems. A real mlm leader can leave his product and company behind and will be able to successfully join another company because of the relationships he or she has built along the way. Similar to how I built my culinary skills and could take them to another restaurant and still make a living.

Is My Business Broken Or Do I Need An MLM Leader?

I had Eye of The Tiger just like all network marketing “newbies”, I was trying to get everybody to buy into my program, online and offline. My warm market got real cold and I was getting frustrated. I was easily sidetracked with people pitching new products at me and there was no help from my up line. The company I was promoting only wanted me to use their methods and I was once again failing. It felt like I was in 10th grade for the 3rd time but now I had a wife and 3 kids depending on me.

The Power of Attraction

I was ready to quit, I’m 2 months in and sponsored nobody and I came across a consistent message from mlm leader after mlm leader. With all the different companies out there I noticed that the top mlm leaders branded themselves and I really had to dig deep to find out what they were promoting. This is not what my company taught me.

It’s All in The System

I became friendly with a few of the mlm leader s and they were not trying to sell me anything but they all were preaching about having a system. They introduced me to the world of successful network and internet marketing and showed me ways to automate SOME (you do have to consistently work on your business) of the processes. It was the difference between pedaling a Schwinn uphill and riding a Harley Davidson through the countryside.

Time To Give Back To Others

I continue to grow and learn but the important thing for anybody to know who gets into network marketing is that you are expected to help others succeed. An MLM leader is obligated to teach those who want to learn, I am blessed to have met the right people at the right time.

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