5 Ways An MLM Business Is Like High School Dating

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MLM Business Comes In All Shapes And Sizes

Here are 5 ways your mlm business is like high school dating

Do you remember the sought after cheerleaders in high school? How about the adorable girl on the debate team who had a touch geek-i-ness to her? There was such a melting pot of dating candidates in high school and this didn’t even take into account the private school that was up the road.

MLM Business has more options then you could ever imagine, I hear the number 5,000 plus floating around. What is even more amazing is the spectrum of mlm business opportunities available. I could choose between mlm legal representation, utility companies, energy drinks, laundry detergents and even buy and sell gold and silver collectible coins. It all depends on which mlm business you  consider your “cheerleader”.

If Your Taken They All Want You

Chris Rock has a great line (doesn’t pertain to me of course) – “A Man is only as faithful as his options” if you are commited in a relationship or mlm business other people will see that you are valuable and want the same thing for themselves. Remember that in our world of good and evil, there will be people looking to break that good thing up and if you give in to temptation you and your mlm business will lose the luster of being special.

In your mlm business other people will try and lure you from your mlm business, make you think the grass is greener. Stay true to your “Why” and remember attraction marketing, if you are drawn to them or vice versa, the mlm business path will work itself out.

When You Got The Hottie, Everybody Wants To Know What You Are Doing

Things may have changed since I was in high school but the general consensus was when somebody saw the really pretty girl with a guy, they would ask “What’s he got that I don’t?”. I won’t tell you my list of answers that I would fire off or else I would have to move this over to the adults only section.

The leaders in mlm business have what you want. TRAFFIC/LEADS/MONEY! You will wonder what do they have that you don’t and if you really want to know, follow them, read their mlm blog, become their facebook friend and maybe even hire them as a mentor and join their mlm business.

It’s Easy To Get A Bad Reputation

The girl who jumped from backseat to backseat was never respected, she might have had a lot of associates but boys and girls alike were talking about her and not in a positive fashion. An mlm business is the same way, if you constantly jump from one company to another and never establish yourself you won’t be able to grow the following that is essential to your network marketing success.

If You Stay Commited You Are Going To Get Lucky

Relationships take work and commitment, there were those guys who had the same girlfriend all throughout high school. They went to all the proms together, senior weeks, homecoming games and naything else you could think of. I remember people saying “how dumb, they are missing out on so many different girls out there”. These were the same guys who were spending many a weekend with their buddies and not a female in sight.

If you commit to your mlm blog and business, people will know you and if you aren’t obnoxious they will even like you. This is the equivilant of getting “lucky” but we all know that it is the result of hard work and consistent effort.

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