5 FREE Things You Have To Do Daily To Grow Your Business

To Do ListCreate Content – Write at least one article or blog post a day. The articles are a little longer but if you are short on time then just add a little blog post, this will actually help you stay focused and zero in on your goals plus it might peak somebody’s interest just enough to get you an extra follow or two.

Promote and Drive Traffic – I never thought I would be somebody who wants to be in traffic but in the online world it is the name of the game. Reinforce your blog with Facebook and Twitter posts that will funnel people into your site and keep a uniform and consistent message across the board. If you preach to your team that you are trying to build relationships first, do not beat them up with your primary opportunity all over your website,

Follow Up Or Your Leads Will Get Swallowed Up – If somebody has shown you the “love” and sent you a follow on twitter, Facebook post or an email, respond to them and fast. If you leave them hanging they might lose that initial excitement that we all have (I still Got IT!) or worse they will find somebody else to do business with.

Grow Your Following – Using Facebook and Twitter reach out to people who are also in network marketing. Send a personal message and not something automated…use your own words and personality. Use the internet to grow your “warm market”, just share your website with them. I have people that I have talked to for months and we have never discussed my primary business, this might seem counterproductive but if you are giving them enough value they will want to follow you in your primary as well. Just think of it as grooming one of your future salesperson for your team.

Educate Yourself – You might have missed the cutoff to enroll at Penn State but you can read books, articles, blogs, listen to cd’s, go to meetings and webinars. There are many free or low cost methods to learn this business and if you don’t use them you are cheating yourself.

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