3 Types Of Network Marketers

3 Types Of Network Marketers

Here are the 3 types of people that you will come across in your home business and the importance of each of them.

1. Established Marketers

Do you realize the importance of being noticed by people who are already making big time money in this industry?

If they aren’t going to join your business or buy something from you, what good will building a relationship with them do for you?

While many marketers only look for a “signup” in their primary business a lot of money and juice is left on the table by not getting noticed from the top earners in other companies. I am not saying that they are going jump ship and follow you but if they know who you are and respect you, there could be big potential for a partnership.

Let’s say you are great at Facebook marketing like¬†Michelle Pescosolido¬† and have the knack to show others how to get results quickly. What if one of the best recruiters out there like Ray Higdon needed some help training his team on how to overcome that hurdle in their businesses. Don’t you think that Ray might see the benefit of having Michelle as a guest blogger or speaker on his platform? (This has actually happened many times and I have not changed the names to protect the innocent)

They are able to cross promote to each others list and they both benefit. Just because Michelle is already well established doesn’t mean that a lesser known entity (you) can’t have the same results….go master something and people will seek you out.

2. Struggling Marketers

This is a pretty big group…bigger than many will lead on. This is why it is important for you to be recognized as a leader. Somebody who needs help will be much more inclined to come to you for assistance, guidance or at least an open line of communication if you are providing value. People join people and if you hit their hot buttons, you will make a new friend before you ever meet or speak to them. —– Branding through video and through blogging is key.

3. The “What The Hell Is Network Marketing” Marketers

This is a huge group of people that only have been exposed to traditional way of making money. It has something to do with time clocks, bosses and human resources (I’m feeling nauseous already). There is actually a “3b” group that is worse – they have been exposed and possibly joined a network marketing venture but in a completely offensive, unproductive and unprofessional way.

These people need some convincing or De-programming. It takes more work and the conversation is not always as fun to have. If you have established yourself as a leader it is beneficial since you can point to things that you have produced. I’m not talking about paychecks I’m talking about value that you have brought to the marketplace. You can have content on the internet for people to reference at the drop of a dime.

It doesn’t matter what group of people you are marketing to, you need to have systems and processes in place. You can’t do everything on the fly, there has to be a pre-planned approach to automate some of the basic stuff. It will help you free up time and also show others how easy it is to duplicate.

If you complicate it they can’t duplicate it”

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