The 3 Faces Of Prospects

3 faces of prospects

My website attracts all different audiences, there are those who are interested in Network Marketing but not really sure it’s for them, then there are those that have tried it in the past or are currently still in the biz but getting less than stellar results (nice way of saying failure) and there are my teachers in high school who googled me because they thought for sure I would be in prison by now.

The casual looker is tough because there are so many different degrees of interest. Somebody could have seen something pop up on face book that just made them click, a picture of a pretty girl, funny slogan or any eye catching advertisement that you posted. You got them to visit but chances of them staying more than 8 seconds are very slim. If they found you on purpose but just to look around you better have some compelling story to keep them…the hook and it’s not something that you are going to give them at a deeply discounted price. It’s going to be free, it is a value packed, zero cost prize and it should be just your blog. This will be the ever evolving document that they will have to keep coming back to because the content is changing.

If you are able to get people who are not happy with their network marketing results to your site they obviously want to believe that the industry will work but they just can’t get that momentum going. Here is where you have to show them how you floundered in the beginning until you had that moment where somebody made everything make sense and you are going to be that somebody for them. You need to have the stages and progressions that it took for you to become a leader, let them feel your story and the parallel of your careers and they will be able to envision themselves in your shoes one day.

Making a connection with a network marketing prospect is the most important thing you can do, you need to be a chameleon and adapt to their situation. It’s in our genetic code to gravitate to people who are similar to us, so don’t lie but be empathetic and try to live in their world. This connection will be more beneficial than any pay per click or software program you can purchase.

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