10 Things I Miss About Having A “Regular” JOB


Here are just 10 things I miss about working at a regular JOB….might want to make you rethink getting into network marketing

  1. Brown Nosers – yes they know who they are. The ones who checked their self esteem at the door just for a chance to be as miserable as their boss one day. In my home based business I don’t have them anymore….although my kids will sweet talk me when they want something.
  2. Uniforms – I’ve worked in fancy kitchens and also for UPS and they both let me wear uniforms. They were even caring enough to restrict me from having any facial hair. Now I get to rock my slippers and Hugh Hefner robe whenever I want. Damn I miss those brown shorts.
  3. Schedules – My employers took all the hassle out of planning my day by doing it for me. They cared enough to set my wake up times, days I could spend with the family, get my haircut or take kids to the doctor. How do they expect people to figure this crap out on their own…too many options for a dummy like me.
  4. Vacations- What more can I say about that…the ability to bust your butt for 50 weeks out of the year in order to get 2 weeks off. That is awesome just make sure it’s not during busy season. When is busy season in network marketing? Whenever you want it to be.
  5. Time Clocks – My last job had one that could scan your thumb print. It was so Star Trek-ish…I don’t have one of them at home 🙁  I do have a pretty cool Elvis clock that wiggles his hips…love that guy.
  6. Employee Handbook – These are similar to the Bible except more difficult to understand. Usually some slick jargon that never seemed to work in the employees favor. Whenever you have a chapter dedicated to dress code and hygiene you know its gonna be a good read. In my business showering is optional. (kidding)
  7. Cafeteria – I of course appreciate the chef on a shoestring budget program that most JOBs implement. Unfortunately at my home business I have to supply my own nourishment but at least it is nourishing.
  8. Sexual Harassment – If I pinch a woman’s butt at work I’m going to have a tough time explaining my termination to my wife. If I pinch a woman’s butt at home….well lets just say I’ve got three kids already so I have to be careful.
  9. Smoke Breaks – Oh not for me since I’m a non-smoker but I loved covering for people when they took their 5 extra breaks a day that only they could have.
  10. Human Resources – I love it because these are the people that I would bitch to about #’s 1 – 9 on this list. Now I don’t have anything to complain about or anyone to complain to.

So now you can see all of the things that you will miss out on if you do decide to fire your boss, create your own wealth and become independent. If you are still insane enough to give up on these perks and become an entrepreneur who likes the idea of residual income then you and I should talk.


Punch The Clock One Last Time


5 Responses to 10 Things I Miss About Having A “Regular” JOB

  1. Lol on these Dominick.

    So you were a UPS guy too? I didn’t even get to wear the uniform, I worked the 1st shift, the unload. I have an actual scar on my arm to show for it, I ran it across the old skool conveyor belt. Bled like a pig.

    Nope, I don’t miss that for a minute 😉

    So many freedoms with network marketing. Sometimes I literally want to jump through the phone line and tell prospects who are terrified to leave their 9-5, “You have NO clue what you’re missing!” More appropriately, you have no clue how much you WON’T miss the 9-5.

    It takes a real act of faith to make the jump, but it is beyond worth it. I am travelling Southeast Asia for 6 months to a year. Bali and Phuket down, and I’m living in Cambodia now. This life is a dream, but it took some super uncomfortable decisions along the way. Well, you know what I’m talking about buddy, because you made ’em too 😉

    Thanks for the super reminders!


    • Dominick says:

      Hey you can stop teasing us about picking up and leaving the country and still having a successful home based business. Just kidding, I know you made the changes in your lfe along the way to make that happen.

      I wore the brown shorts on weekends when they let me work my days off as a helper…again this is a good quality of life how? You are fortunate enough to talk to people who work a 9-5, I usually deal with people who work overnights, weekends and holidays….you think they would jump at the chance to at least look into making a change.

      If you get any great recipes on your tour…please send them my way…I love authentic, ethnic food. Especially if it is the peasant variety.
      Talk to you soon,

  2. Hello Dominick, I really enjoyed reading this post and had a couple of chuckles. I can see that you write with passion. I have no desire to return to JOB land. Go! Go! Go!

    • Dominick says:

      Thanks Jeffrey,
      I’ve been looking at your stuff as well…we are from the same cloth. I have to be humorous here because I don’t have my cellmates…I mean co-workers to poke fun at.
      Nice talking to you, can’t wait to read more of your insight.


  3. Bob says:

    This was just too funny!!! I definitely wouldn’t miss that.

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